DLI's Building

Discovery Learning, Inc., founded in 1990 in Greensboro, N.C. by Chris Musselwhite, was in many ways an outgrowth of the Center for Creative Leadership. The initial focus was on the delivery of leadership training and development. We moved to our current headquarters at 431 Spring Garden Street in Greensboro in 2001.

After developing two simulations for the Center for Creative Leadership for their innovative program, Leaderlab, Discovery Learning decided to try its hand at developing some of its own products. In the first ten years we developed the simulations, Awaka®, OurTown® and Paper Planes, Inc.®, which continue to be relevant and popular today. During this time we introduced Change Style Indicator®, our most popular product.

In the next ten years we introduced our Discovery 360 Series that includes five unique muti-rater assessments including our popular Discovery Leadership Profile™. During this time we also introduced the simulations, PressTime®, Paper Scrapers® The Acquisition® and partnered with the Center for Creative Leadership to develop EdgeWork®. Along with these simulations came the self-assessment, Decision Style Profile®.

Since 2010, we have been busy creating our first organizational assessment, Change Readiness Gauge® and our newest self-assessment, Influence Style Indicator®.

Stay tuned in 2013 for our newest simulation that focuses on collaboration and competition.