Discovery Learning Products

Leadership Is a Journey. Let Discovery Learning Provide the Compass.

Discovery Learning, Inc. has conducted extensive research into the decision-making process, influence style and change. We have taken our findings and created a suite of products designed to help people better understand the preferences that steer their choices in order to create more positive outcomes.

Our assessments are designed to help individuals better understand their strengths and personal preferences for change, making decisions and influencing others. With extensive research, we have created assessments that provide positive feedback, which makes individuals more receptive to learning.
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Experiential learning allows people to gain new insights and put new skills to the test in a hands-on, non-threatening environment. DLI’s simulations range from intense day-long activities to shorter, more focused exercises, all of which allow participants to sharpen their skills in real-world settings.
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Our modules provide facilitators with ready-to-use organizational development programs and include both an assessment and an interactive, hands-on component. Discovery Learning’s modules can be used as short, stand-alone training sessions or with other products in more comprehensive programs.
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In order to guarantee the best learning experience for participants and the greatest ease of use for facilitators, all of our assessments and several of our experiential learning products require facilitator certification. Additional training and support are available for all of our products.
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To help you continue to grow in your personal and professional development, DLI is pleased to offer books on leadership development and change management.
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DLI offers not just world-class leadership and organizational development products, but also insightful and engaging customized training for organizations of all sizes and types.
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