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The Acquisition

The Acquisition

The Acquisition® explores group problem solving and decision making. This short exercise compares the quality of decisions reached by consensus and those made individually. It also teaches participants how to work more effectively as teams while using the expertise of individual team members.

In the business case, a board of directors calls for a detailed outline of critical steps to be taken to ensure a successful acquisition. Each participant decides individually on the order in which these steps should be carried out. The participants then meet as a group to agree on the order they will present to the board. The result reached by consensus is then compared to an expert solution. Reaching this collective decision engages participants in group dynamics and provides an opportunity for individuals to exercise their influencing skills.


  • Explores effective team problem solving and decision making
  • Enables individuals to learn how to become better contributors to a group
  • Compares individual decision making to group decision making
  • Helps participants test their ability to influence others

Product Features

  • Can be completed in 1-2 hours
  • Appropriate for 3 to 5 participants in each group – can have numerous groups
  • Available in English
  • Level 1 Simulation



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