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Change Readiness Gauge

Change Readiness Assessment

The Change Readiness Gauge® is a change management tool designed to assess an organization’s readiness to accept and implement change. A change agility assessment, the Change Readiness Gauge offers a unique approach to change and is a valuable tool in the assessment of organizational culture.

The change readiness assessment helps organizations and teams understand and more effectively deal with their challenges as they approach change.


  • Assesses and quantifies an organization’s change readiness
  • Aligns leadership on the most important organizational change issues
  • Develops a shared understanding of change readiness
  • Creates benchmarks and measures at the start of a change initiative

Product Features

  • Applicable to teams and all levels of an organization
  • Flexible with the ability to create multiple reports and data views
  • Takes about 10 minutes to complete
  • Available online
  • Available in English
Want more information? Learn more from the Change Readiness Gauge brochure. Download our printable PDF brochure.


At DLI we want to help trainers and facilitators maximize value and harness the full impact of the Change Readiness Gauge with their clients. Prior to buying assessments first time users will need to participate in our certification program.

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