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Executive Simulation

PressTime® is a very in-depth business problem in the form of a simulation. This executive level simulation is run in groups of 6-8 participants tasked to bring a new product to market while dealing with competitors, financial decisions and personnel issues. PressTime® touches on many important leadership competencies and includes a very thorough debrief discussing topics ranging from the team’s strategy to individual feedback. When used along with self-assessments or 360s, it is one of the most powerful management simulation games available.


  • Develop strategic leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Develop improved decision-making capabilities
  • Identify participants’ team leadership strengths and development needs
  • Enhance the ability to lead critical organizational projects
  • Improve teamwork and interpersonal communication skills
  • Better understand the value from cross-functional teams

Product Features

  • Normative data that compares results to other teams
  • Software driven, face-to-face simulation
  • 1 ½ days to complete
  • 6-8 participants per team – can have numerous teams with a facilitator per team
  • Additional facilitator needed to preside in the President role
  • Available in English
  • Level 4 Simulation


At DLI we want to help trainers and facilitators maximize value and harness the full impact of Press Time with their clients. Prior to purchase first time users will need to participate in our certification program. Call us directly to speak one-on-one with a member of our staff about the benefits of Press Time certification.

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