Emerging Leader Profile

Emerging Leader Profile - Discovery Leadership Potential

This leadership survey is an outgrowth of an extensive search for an appropriate tool for new or high-potential leaders. Research has led to the development of 60 items composed of 12 leadership skills and traits that influence a new leader’s effectiveness and establishes a foundation for personal growth. The 360 allows for up to 30 raters including boss(es) peers, direct reports and others to provide feedback. ELP also includes the Plus assessment, a 12-week goal-setting process to aid the participant in lasting change based on their individual feedback.


  • Enables high potentials to learn how those who are important to their success see their performance
  • Compares self-perceptions to the perceptions of others
  • Identifies leaders’ strengths and developmental needs
  • Provides a starting point for further developmental planning

Product Features:

  • Option for up to 5 custom open-ended questions
  • Maximizing Results participant workbook
  • Available online only
  • Available in English
  • Works well with Change Style Indicator®, Influence Style Indicator® and Decision Style Profile®